How To Create Data Validation Rules

This rule type should be used for any scenarios that require validating the data for accuracy. Creating a data validation rule will cause the error message to be added to the list of errors in the workflow and highlight any fields you choose in red on input forms.






To access the rule editor, control-right-click an existing rule or click on the gear cog in the upper right hand corner of the workflow form window.

In the Workflow Configuration, select the "Data Validation (Field Data Entry)" business rule type and hit the "new" icon or open an existing rule to edit.


Select What Loans The Rule Will Apply To

Select the appropriate loan channels


Set The Conditions

Create the logic for the problem scenario by using advanced conditions.

Choose “Yes - Apply this rule only if”, select “Advanced Conditions” in the dropdown and use the Encompass native “AdvancedCondition Editor” to create your logic.


Detailed information on how to write advanced conditions can be found here

Select the field(s) to Highlight

Use the "Add" function to select any fields that you would like to highlight in red when the error is present.


Select The Workflow

You can apply the rule to "All Workflows" or a single specific workflow of your choice.


Select Custom Configuration Points


      1. MI Type - Error - the user will be stopped from completing the workflow and the message will show up in red. Warning - the user will not be stopped from completing the workflow and the message will show up in black. 
      2. MI Description - this will show up in the list of items to resolve on the bottom left of the workflow screen. 
      3. MI Hover Text - this will be displayed as hover text when the user hovers over the error or the highlighted field(s). 
      4. MI Goto Form - this will be where the user is directed when they double-click the rule, if left blank, the user will not be directed anywhere. 
      5. MI Goto FieldID - this will direct the user to a specific field on the form selected above - the field will highlight. 
      6. Go to ControlID - this can be used to direct the user to a specific field on the form selected above, if there are multiple instances of the same field present on the form. (optional) 

Comments can be added to your rule, if desired. However, DO NOT add any comments below the workflow config, starting with this callout “### MI WORKFLOW CONFIG - DO NOT CHANGE BELOW ###”


Once ready SAVE your rule, and DO NOT ACTIVATE it unless you would like it to be applied outside of workflow.

Advanced Options

Display Field Values In Error Descriptions
If you would like to show the user the current field values present in the loan file directly in the description of the error message, use the {} brackets to include a field ID you would like to display.

Example Configuration



Example User Experience



Pop-Up Screens And Executive Functions
If you would like to use Encompass native ExecAction functions or the Macro.PopUp function to direct users instead of adding additional forms to the screen or to simply help with navigation, you may reference these actions in the MI Goto Form section of the configuration in the same way you would on a custom input form.
Doing this will cause Workflow to perform your chosen action (such as opening a pop-up form window) when the user clicks on the error message.

Example Configuration For Pop-Up



Example Configuration For ExecAction



At the time of writing this, the list of ExecAction(s) can be found in Appendix B of the guide located here

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