Workflow Release Notes 2024-04-04

Workflow Release Notes

April 4, 2024

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Updates (11)

  • (NEW) Alerts can now be added as Input form windows on the right.
  • (NEW) Macro.DisplayServices function added to available GoTo form options for Data Validation and Required Fields rules.
  • (NEW) Milestones can now be completed as a part of the "submit" functionality of workflows. This can be figured on Workflow Hub in the Encompass Input Form Builder.
  • (NEW) New functionality has been added allowing admins to Pop-up EFolder Document Manager with optional filtering to specific documents and/or documents with attachments only.
  • (NEW) Workflow now allows users to take a Snapshot of the current active form on the right.
  • (BUG FIX) LE Page 2, CD Page 2, SSPL and URLA Page 3 did not update when the form was already loaded and existing data was changed on other screens such as the 2015 itemization.
  • (BUG FIX) Partner Connect services would take an extended amount of time (in some cases resulting in an error) when opened while within Workflow.
  • (BUG FIX) An error would be thrown when borrower pairs are changed and Workflow is the first form to load.
  • (BUG FIX) Request for Transcript of tax form would add a ghost entry when a second line item was being added.
  • (BUG FIX) An error would be thrown when certain services (for example, MI) would push data back into Encompass.
  • (BUG FIX) An error would be thrown when downloading documents from Consumer Connect (retrieve button within the e-folder).


Opt-In Updates - Reach out to, if you would like these enabled for your environment.
Updates (1)

  • (NEW) Admins can now elect to keep the form/tab order of the forms on the right static. The chosen behavior will apply to all Workflows.
      1. Default Behavior - The row with the selected form/tab moves to the bottom (if multiple rows are present).


      2. Optional Behavior - Form/tab order remains static.


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