Pop-up EFolder Document Manager

Pop-up EFolder Document Manager

You can open the document manager by using an event on any form loaded within Workfow (left or right side screens) allowing the user quick and easy access to specific documents that can be filtered to only include documents with attachments or all documents that contain the name specified. A helper configuration section has been added to the workflow configuration settings to help you create the code needed to activate this functionality.


In order to use this functionality you will need to create a custom field in your Encompass environment with the field ID CX.MI.WF.EFOLDER.POPUP. This needs to be a string field with a length of 512 characters.

How To Access Code Helper

First, go to the Workflow configuration settings via the gear icon. Then navigate to MI Workflow Settings - Pop-up EFolder Document Manager.

Select Your Desired Configuration

    1. Attachments Only - When checked this will filter the documents pulled up in Document Manager to only ones that have attachments.
    2. Document - This section pulls in all the documents (document buckets) configured in your Encompass environment. Select the document you would like to filter to.
    3. Test Pop-up - Use this button to test your chosen settings, it will pop-up the document manager in the configuration you have chosen.
    4. Code - Once ready, copy the code in the language used by the form you have chosen to add this functionality to (VB or C#) by clicking on the code snippet.

Add Your Code To An Input Form

Once you have your code, add it to any event in your input form builder such as a Button Click or Field Change event.

Example - Button Click Event

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