Form Snapshot

Workflow allows the user to take a snapshot of any form active on the right. This can be done via the camera icon on the top right or admins can configure the snapshot to be taken automatically upon any input form trigger event (such as a button click or field change). When a snapshot is taken it will be placed in the e-folder under the same name as the form name in your Encompass environment. 

Example Snapshot Of 1003 URLA Part 1 Within The E-folder

How To Configure a Snaphot To Be Taken Automatically

    1. Create custom field - Field ID should be CX.MI.WF.SNAPSHOT.FORM, field type should be STRING and max length 22 characters.


    2. Add code to desired event - Use the following code for VB forms Macro.SetFieldNoRules("CX.MI.WF.SNAPSHOT.FORM", DateTime.Now()) . For C# forms use Macro.SetFieldNoRules("CX.MI.WF.SNAPSHOT.FORM", DateTime.Now.ToString()); . You can add this code to any form event you would like such as a button click or field change event.

      Example VB code for a button click event

When taking a snapshot of a form automatically, it can also be used on a currently active Macro.Popup form window.

A snapshot can only be taken if the form is contained in a pnlForm object. This is the default for Encompass standard forms and the starting place for custom forms as well.

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