Before the integration can work, the following must be complete after install/setup

Add required fields to reporting database

  1. Add the following fields to the reporting database

    Documentation on reporting database can be found from Ellie Mae here
  2. Verify all fields are in the reporting database
    • On the integration page, Click Settings

    • Click Integration Check at the bottom of the settings panel


Configure for Multiple Blend Instances

If you have multiple Blend instances there are a few other things that need to be done.

      1. Add the following field to the reporting database
        Documentation on reporting database can be found from Ellie Mae here
      2. Create a field trigger that populates this field based on whatever criteria is applicable to your business to send the loan to the correct Blend instance.
          • The field trigger should populate CX.MI.BLEND.INST.ID with one of your Blend instances
          • The field trigger should only populate CX.MI.BLEND.INST.ID if the field doesn't already have a value
          • CX.MI.BLEND.INST.ID can't be a calculated field since the Auto-Push Service sets this field when the loan is created in Encompass with the correct Blend instance
        Documentation on field triggers can be found from Ellie Mae here

It's important that once CX.MI.BLEND.INST.ID gets set, either from the Auto-Push Service or your field trigger that it never changes, as you'll break the link from Blend to Encompass for that loan.

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