Blend Integration Service Release Notes

Release Highlights

December 18, 2019
Released Blend Loan Team - Additional Assignments to test environments
Released Blend Milestone Update to live environments
December 05, 2019
Fixed issue on Retrieve Dialog when documents are faxed in by borrower in Encompass
Updated eFolder Blend follow-ups button with new Blend logo in Encompass
November 26, 2019
Fixed error when saving new loans in Encompass
November 13, 2019
Fixed race condition issue on Retrieve dialog
Allow generating and printing disclosures before a loan is sent to Blend
November 07, 2019
Fixed issue from the prior release with Encompass 19.3
Removed redundant SSN edit buttons on mi.Blend Integration screen
October 21, 2019
Add support for Consumer Connect loans
Add support Encompass 19.4
October 02, 2019
Add support to override loan officer email using CX.MI.BLEND.LO.EMAIL with Loan Officer Assignment
Fix issue with "Notify me" checkbox on Secure Form Transfer and non-Blend contacts
Added warning when sending disclosures and loan doesn't have Blend eConsent
September 17, 2019
Fix issue with "To" field on non-Blend contacts with Secure Form Transfer
Fix issue with mi Support Icon button on mi.Blend Integration screen
Fix issue with editing CX.MI.BLEND.INST.URL on mi.Blend Integration screen
Added CX.MI.BLEND.BORR.AUTO.INVITE on mi.Blend Integration screen
September 12, 2019
Auto-Invite Borrowers
Support non-Blend contacts with Secure Form Transfer
Mark Auto-Push-Docs as already downloaded in retrieve dialog
August 30, 2019
Released last release's features to Live
Update to duplicate email check for sending disclosures
Update to allow more than 1 document for View Only Disclosures
Updated mi.Blend Integration screen with new support area
August 26, 2019
SSN Edit Support for all Encompass Forms
eFolder toolbar button to open the follow-ups tab on the loan in Blend
Secure Form Transfer
Updating property address and application date in Blend
July 30, 2019
Blend loan officer assignment email case-sensitivity fix
Blend milestone updating
Blend processor assignment
July 22, 2019
Updating eConsent for non-borrowing spouse in Encompass
Updating disclosure tracking for non-borrowing spouse in Encompass
July 17, 2019
Duplicate email check for sending disclosures
Improved performance of sending disclosures to Blend
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