How it works

Every time the integration detects a loan was modified it performs the following on the loan

  • Queries Blend for the loan milestone
  • If CX.MI.BLEND.MILESTONE and Blend milestone are the same
    • nothing is done
  • If CX.MI.BLEND.MILESTONE and Blend milestone  are not the same
    • attempts to update the milestone in Blend
    • updates the Encompass log with the result of the attempt

Blend's API does not support removing a milestone value once it is set


  1. Add CX.MI.BLEND.MILESTONE custom field to Encompass

    Documentation on custom fields can be found from Ellie Mae here
  2. Write a business rule that populates the Blend milestone value in CX.MI.BLEND.MILESTONE

    Milestone values are case-sensitive

    Documentation on milestone values can be found from Blend here
    Documentation on business rules can be found from Ellie Mae here
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